Never lose your data

We store all your data on secure cloud storage. So you will never lose your data, even if you lose your phone. You can retrieve the data from any Android Phone.

Easy to Use

We have made TailorMate App's user interface very simple and easy to use. Anyone who knows how to use Whatsapp can use TailorMate App.

So many features

TailorMate app is specially designed for Tailors to manage their Tailor Shop. This includes, Order Management, Customer Management, Measurement Management etc.

App Features

TailorMate is a free, feature-rich mobile application that will help Tailoring Shop owners, Boutique owners and Freelance tailors manage thier tailoring orders electronically with few taps.

Beautiful Interface Design

Our app user interface is easy to use for every layman

Unlimited Features

TailorMate app has so many extra features to help your job easier like Image Gallery, Daily Sales Reports etc.

Free to use

We are offering all these features for free of cost for Tailors.

Great Customer Support

If you face any problem, dont worry. We are here to help you. Call us for support.

Retina ready greaphics

Our graphics are very crystal clear.

Supports all android phones

We are up-to-date on Android Versions. So you can use it on every Android versions.

Why TailorMate?

With TailorMate, you will get a digital book for all your tailoring jobs. TailorMate App is designed to help tailors and fashion designers organize jobs and optimize performance. The App keeps track of all your orders, customers data and measurements in a single place. It can be used efficiently by Tailoring shops or Boutiques.

Free Download Now

Now you can download the Tailor Mate App from the Google Play store. Click the Google Play link below to download it. We are still working on the Apple Version. It will be avilable to you soon.

  • google-play
  • app-store

Our Creative Team

We are a team of young energetic techies from India. This app is fully "Made in India". Also, the design and the development team has many years technical experience.

We have done our best efforts to make the TailorMate app useful for Tailors.

Our Happy Customers

We havemade an effort to help tailors, especially from India, to manage thier orders, customers, measurements etc digitally. We got some wonderful feedback from our users. Some of them you can read here.

Akhil Kumar

Owner at TrueFit Tailors

A fantastic app for my work. This App is easy to use and convenient, and lets you add orders easily as well as keep track of it to make your schedules up to date.


CEO atTailor

Great app,first time Iam experiencing such a convinient app for Tailors. But Iam afraid whether I will be able to retrive data if I lose my phone. So little worried.


Contact Us

Phone: +91 8281311391

Email: tailormateapp@gmail.com

Office: #198 , 2nd Floor, CMH Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore, India - 560038


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